Can joint pain cause weight gain?

Yes, joint pain can eventually cause weight gain. The reason is that most joint pains are caused by inflammation in the bones. So this does mean that your body is suffering from inflammation. It can also cause bloating. All these factors lead up to weight gain.

Another reason why joint pain can cause weight gain is that you will try to ignore any physical activity that can trigger that pain. Obviously working out or doing any kind of physical activity requires some movement. Your brain will stop you from doing any physical activity because that pain will make you uncomfortable.

Although there are some precautions so that you don’t gain weight. If you are not doing any physical activity then try to control your diet. If you can control what you eat in a day then the chances of gaining weight will reduce.

Make a diet plan and start consuming foods that are good for your health and can also improve your bone health. Foods that are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen are ideal for this situation. Foods like bone broth, seafood, nuts, grains, veggies, seeds, dairy, and poultry do help in improving your bone health while maintaining your weight. Most of these foods are free from carb so they won’t make you fat.

The most important thing is that if you are suffering from joint pain then try to comfortable with it. The more you suffer from it, the more your brain will take you away from all the important things that you want to do. Joint pain can make you lazy and before you become a couch potato, change your diet and go some physical activity. I hope this helps you in improving your health.