Can you use coconut and lime for treatment of natural hair?

Find out this method of temporarily straightening natural hair without damage the hair structure

In case you have natural black hair probably you might be currently in love with your own texture and also will not change it out for the world. As well it must be! However like other people, you do not mind the casual bout of ‘the grass will be greener on the other side’ and even improve your look momentarily.

In case you have natural extremely curly/kinky hair, especially 4a/b types of hair, you can appreciate that it may take more heat to have ‘relaxer straight’ results once you flat iron your hair. The downfall of using excessive heat on the hair is it might damage it irreparably i.e. burn it directly! No one desires to risk the health of their head of hair for the sake of directly locks for a 7 days. An alternative solution is necessary.

This is how the coconut and also lime ‘relaxer’ can help you. The ‘straightening’ result achieved can be visible in a bit wavy hair. In African American (black) hair, the effects tend to be more subtle and with continued application, it results loosening or lengthening the curl style which makes heat hair styling easier. This technique can be no means new; it is utilized for a long time by Oriental girls to straighten their own curly hair safely with no use of chemical substances.

The main recipe requires combining coconut juices with the lime juice and also leaving inside the fridge immediately until finally a cream forms on the top. That cream can now be put on the hair and remaining for some hrs after that washed away. The rest of the mixture can be discarded. The primary problem with this particular recipe is that even though the coconut milk with solidify slightly while put in the fridge, typically the natural heat from the body when put on the hair can make it runny once again and you might discover that a lot of the treatment will end up running down the face and neck! An additional problem is the wastage involved because just a little amount of the coconut milk will be utilized. The recipe listed below is the version of the authentic allowing both for the dryness of all-natural black hair with minimal wastage of the components.

Here is how you can make the Coconut And Lime Treatment:

  • One tin of coconut milk
  • Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • Four tablespoons of lime juice
  • Two or Three tablespoons of cornstarch

Empty the coconut milk in a saucepan add the extra virgin olive oil and whisk till properly combined. Coconut milk differs in consistency by brand and so based on how thin the mixture inside the saucepan will be, add two to three tablespoons inside a different bowl and mix this with the lime juice till the mixture will be lump free adding on the coconut milk & olive oil blend. Place the saucepan over a medium temperature whisking constantly. The idea is not to cook the mix but to activate the cornstarch that will thicken the mix into a ‘conditioner’ type consistency. This will require a few minutes. If you discover the blend continues to be too thin then add a little more cornstarch or in case you obtain a brand of coconut milk that is really thick to begin with, you might leave out the corn starch completely.

Apply the mixture on your hair in areas to make sure it is uniformly covered. Cover with a plastic cap after that below a steam cap for 30 minutes to an hour.

Based on the length and also thickness of your hair, the blend might be sufficient for One Or Two applications. Put any remaining treatment in a plastic container and freeze until you require it in the future.

Proceed to hair shampoo the mixture from your hair completely after that proceed to deep condition as usual with an super moisturizing conditioner. Keep in mind, the last wash must be completed with cold/lukewarm water to close the hair cuticles and also seal inside the moisture.

Roller set hair with just a glycerine containing product such as S Curl along with some temperature protectant to the softest effects. Sit down under a dryer for approximately ninety mins or till the hair will be completely dry. To finish the look flat iron your hair in areas with just one swipe on a medium temperature (you will never require a lot temperature to get your hair straight).