Chaeson National Park

Chae Son National Park is a very popular tourist attraction of Lampang Province. It covers the area of 480,000 Rai and 786 square meters of 4 districts of Lampang; Muang Pan, Muang, Chae Hom and Wang Nuea. The park is a host to hot springs, Chae Son waterfall and the festival of blooming “Dok Siew” (white Chongko flowers) that blooms during winter. It also provides nature trails, viewpoints, mineral baths and accommodations for tourists.
We think trekking or hiking in a tropical, or any forest, is a spiritual experience. You have to take your time and enjoy the natural surroundings, hear the sound of the birds and the crackling sound of dry leaves on the ground. It lowers blood pressure, and relieves stress.
Chae Son National Park is a popular destination for its natural beauties. The main attractions of the park are the hot springs and waterfalls. Other attractions are caves, viewpoints along the roads, trails and seasonal blossoms in the colder winter months. It is one of the beautiful locations in Thailand. The park area is 592 square kilometers. The mountains of the park are part of the Khun Tan Range and provide an important source of water for the surrounding area. Chae Son National Park is located 75 km from Lampang City in Mueang Pan and Chae Hom districts in a lush, forested, mountainous area.
The Chaeson National Park trekking area is about 60 km northeast of Chiang Mai, only about one hour drive. The Chaeson forest is about 10km from the very popular and beautiful village of Mae Kampong. Make sure to visit nearby village and enjoy trekking on this peaceful forest.

This is a big National Park in Thailand. There are places like this to visit and trek. I find this article interesting. I suggest you will write more about jungles in other countries too.

There are places to trek in Thailand that is good to calm your mind. Thank you for the suggestion. I would write down more.