Cypros Varosha

There are a lot to visit in town of Varosha. There are daytrips to the ghost town of Varosha where it was restricted before.
It takes about 40 minutes to get to Varosha, one of the area’s most-visited places.
Varosha was abandoned in 1974 after Turkey’s military intervention on the island as a guarantor power to protect Turkish Cypriots from persecution and violence. However, a 1984 U.N. Security Council resolution said that only its legal inhabitants can resettle the town. The story here is, back in the Seventies the popular tourist spot turned into a ghost town practically overnight after the Turkish invasion. Before it’s been deserted because it was abadoned, a boat trip can take you to the protected nature park area of Cape Greco, which is also good for snorkeling where you can satisfy your eyes with amazing creatures.

I think that is not so good to visit. Are there any places in Varosha?

Varosha is not open to visitors and still has a barbed wire fence patrolled by armed Turkish guards surrounding the entire village. You don’t say where you will be in Cyprus except to say that you will be in Nicosia for a few nights.
Famagusta District is a place of beauty and diversity. The border between the southern and the northern parts of the island runs through the district, but despite the turbulent past, as a well-intended traveler you will be more than welcome on both sides of the divide. Plus, crossing the border gives you a great opportunity to experience differences between the two parts of the island