Diniwid Beach Aklan

Diniwid Beach is located in Boracay, Aklan Philippines. The waters in Diniwid Beach is crystal clear and turquoise while it is inviting you to take a refreshing swim. There are rocks on the seabed so be careful when going at the waters.
A great time to visit the beach is early in the evening, as the sun drifts down and turns the sky into a fiery red-orange color. Stay for a sunbathing or while having that fresh coconut drink and listen to the relaxing sounds of the waves while touching the sand with your feet.
Aside from the peace, privacy and other activities that Diniwid has to offer, one can also snorkel under the waters to see beautiful underwater fishes.
To reach Diniwid Beach, you can walk for about 10 minutes from White Beach. From Cagban Jetty Port, it is a 40-minute drive by riding a tricycle.

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