Ground Pork or Giniling

Giniling is one of fave Filipino dish and it is served not only on special occasions but it can also be eaten as an everyday or once a week viand. Here is a recipe for that delicious Giniling.
Put oil in a pan, add sliced garlic, and onions. Add ground pork then sauté until tender.
Put the diced potatoes and ground carrots (make sure to cook well)
You can also add the green peas or it is your option if you want to eat it half cooked.
Pour 2 cups of water, add black pepper, salt then cover the pan, put to boil.
Simmer then add bell pepper, green peas, ketchup, tomato sauce
Optional: You can also add raisins or more water for stewed ground pork

Can I add soy sauce or what type of ketchup? So that the meat has color

I am doing it when I cooked this recipe. I even added hot sauce or more green chili peppers.