House Bill No. 1987 or "Philippine Responsible Driving and Accountability Act"

Driver of a vehicle would be presumed not fully at fault for an accident if any of the following applies to the situation:

  1. The victim is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  2. The victim was not crossing the street at a pedestrian lane or road intersection
  3. The victim crossed a street or highway instead of using a footbridge
  4. The victim is a bike rider not wearing protective gear or wearing dark clothing
  5. The victim is operating a motorcycle, tricycle, or bicycle traveling on a national highway under the minimum speed limit or not on the rightmost lane
  6. The victim is a driver who did not have right of way
  7. The driver did not flee the scene of the incident
  8. The driver was suffering a medical emergency, like a heart attack or stroke, at the time of the accident
  9. The driver of the other vehicle has non-functional headlights, taillights, or other warning devices