How are anti-vaccine groups still thriving on Facebook, despite the content ban?

Banning has never succeeded in persuading people to oppose anything. Many who are persuaded have their beliefs strengthened, and those who are unsure have their curiosity piqued.

If you want to counter anti-vaccine sentiment, make a rational argument. - The majority of those who are persuaded will remain persuaded, but some will at least listen. The most important thing is to deal with the real problems.

For example, I’d like to know why I shouldn’t trust the opinion of Geert Vanden Bossche, a long-serving and highly qualified vaccine expert. I don’t want him labeled as “antiivax,” implying that he supports the most mad nonsense.

While hidden microchips in vaccines are easy to disprove, there are legitimate concerns about how the latest mRNA vaccines will affect us in the long run.

The example below is a pathetic debunking that will not persuade anyone with a brain. See what I mean in the comments section.