How do I make instant noodles taste better?

It all depends on your preferences.

  1. If you like your noodles hot and spicy, try adding a little hot pepper sauce to them before/after cooking.
  2. If you like ketchup, you could also add some. Make your own tasty tomato sauce and pour it over the cooked instant noodles.
  3. Before doing anything else, saute [briefly heat in oil] the instant noodles, then add the spice packet contents and/or vegetables, along with enough water [read the directions on the packaging], and simmer for a few minutes to finish cooking them.
  4. Make a filling stew/soup with vegetables/meat, butter/margarine, and dried herbs on instant noodles in the appropriate amount of water [follow the package directions].
  5. You could also simply cook the instant noodles in reheated soup leftovers.
  6. Serve with spicy baked beans for a different flavor experience.
  7. To change the flavor, immerse them in very spicy water [add dried herbs and other condiments, etc. that you like].