How to block someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a fantastic platform for sharing photographs with friends and family. However, if you are the subject of abuse or trolling, the blocking feature may be useful.

Instagram doesn’t notify users when they’ve been blocked or unblocked in any way.

When you block anyone, they won’t be able to message you, follow you, or see your posts or stories. To block anyone, go to their profile page, tap or click the three dots next to their name, and then select “Block.”

On a mobile device, how to block anyone on Instagram

  1. On your iPhone or Android, open the Instagram app.

  2. Find the person you want to block on your timeline by searching for their account, scrolling through your followers list, or tapping the name of an account that appears on your timeline.

  3. On the user’s profile page, tap the three dots in the top-right corner.

  4. To block the user, select “Block” from the menu that appears.