How to do flat towing/emergency towing?

In case of a roadside emergency with a disabled vehicle (without access to wheel dollies, car hauling trailer, or flatbed transport vehicle) your vehicle (regardless of transmission powertrain configuration) can be flat towed (all wheels on the ground) under the following conditions:

  • Vehicle is facing forward so that it is being towed in a forward direction.
  • Place the transmission in N (Neutral)
  • Maximum speed is not to exceed 50 km/h
  • Maximum distance is 50 km
  • Put the key in “ACC” (engine off) or “ON” (engine running)

A driver must be in the vehicle to steer it and operate the brakes.

Towing in this manner may be done only on hard-surfaced roads for short distance and at low speeds. Also, the wheels, axles, drive train, steering and brakes must all be in good condition.

Use only a cable or chain specifically intended for use in towing vehicles. Securely fasten the cable or chain to the towing eyelets provided.