How to Have a Hassle-Free Vacation in the Philippines

Philippines is one of the best travel destinations in Southeast Asia. It’s home to over 7107 islands with lush green forests and abundant marine life. There are numerous historic landmarks as well as hot spots for partying and clubbing. However, you can never enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pearl of the Pacific if you fail to prepare for your vacay.

The purpose of having a vacation is to unwind, relax, and have a good time. To achieve these, you should bear in mind these tips on how to have a hassle-free vacation in the Philippines.

  • Plan

There are a gazillion things to do and see in the Philippines that a few days’ vacation won’t be enough. Try to ask yourself which places do you want to visit. Are you looking for a beach getaway or witness some of the country’s festivals? Do you want to stay closer to the cities or spend a few days in the mountains? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you plan your vacation ahead of time.

  • Book early

One of the perks of spending your vacation in the Philippines is you can save a lot on flights. Most popular destinations are in the provinces like Boracay, Bohol, and Coron which you can easily reach by plane. Many domestic airlines sell tickets at discounted prices when you book early. You can visit their website for daily deals and more.

  • Get a reservation

On the other hand, it’s imperative that you also book your hotel months before to avoid paying for an expensive room. Depending on where you intend to spend your vacation, there are hotels, lodges, and cottages where you can enjoy a good night rest after a tiring day of sightseeing and adventures. Meanwhile, island resorts also offer homestay services at very cheap prices. Make reservations earlier on especially if you intend to go during peak season.

  • Choose a tour package

First time in the country? Make the most out of your vacation and choose your tour packages. It’s stressful not knowing where to go and how to spend your day but once you booked a tour package, you can maximize every minute of your time. You get to see all the key places and have your own tour guide too. It’s also a great way to meet fellow tourists and make new friends. Further, going with a group allows you to save money and it’s more fun too.

  • Travel light

Can you imagine what it’s like to travel with several luggage? You’ll be so stressed out long before you leave the airport. The key is to travel light. Philippines is a tropical country so you don’t need to bring some heavy stuffs with you like thick clothing. Just bring your necessities with you. If you can hand carry all your stuffs, the better because you no longer have to wait for your luggage when you land.

  • Make a list

One of the first things you should do before heading to the Philippines is to make a list. Carefully write down weeks before the things you need to take with you such as medicine, gadgets, and the like. Also, list down the places you want to visit and the things you want to do when you reach your destination. Important phone numbers should also be listed or saved on your phone in case of emergency.

  • Stay connected

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you no longer have to stay connected with your family, friends, and co-workers. On the contrary, you need to keep in touch. You need to let your family know your whereabouts such as your location and who you’re with. On the other hand, you should know what’s going on at work too. A lot can happen while you’re gone. Stay up to date by checking your mail regularly and communicate using apps like Skype and Messenger. Many Philippine destinations have internet connection.

  • Do your research

It helps to learn more about the country before your visit. Philippines has a rich culture. Did you know that touching an elderly’s hand to your forehead is a sign of respect and that “po” and “opo” are commonly used when talking to people older than you? It helps to know too that Filipinos are among the friendliest and most hospitable you’ll ever meet. Some even welcome strangers to their homes. Knowing information like this can make your trip less stressful knowing you won’t be discriminated or treated harshly for being a foreigner or tourist.

  • Solo or group

Traveling solo can be fun and hassle-free because you have complete command of your time. You can do whatever you want because you have all the freedom you need. But if you don’t like traveling alone, doing so with a group offers lots of perks too. You can save a lot on food, fare, and accommodation. You can do all kinds of stuffs with your travel buddies and never have to worry about not having a companion.

A hassle-free vacation in the Philippines can be easily achieved. All you need is to follow the tips above and you’re sure to enjoy your stay in one of the world’s best tourists destinations.