How to know if someone blocked you on twitter?

Blocking someone on Twitter is as easy as pressing a button. It does not necessitate a justification or clarification. The person who has been blocked is never told that they have been blocked. Finding out whether you’re being blocked isn’t difficult if you think you’re being blocked.

  1. Log in to Twitter and search for the person’s name in the “Search” area at the top of any list. To view the profile, click on the name. The username will appear in Search as long as the account is public. If you can’t recall the username, use the person’s real name instead. You may also look for the account using a recent tweet.

  2. Another choice is to type the person’s username in the address bar of your browser after the Twitter URL, such as "" If you spell the username right, this is the quickest way to find a private Twitter account.

  3. If all else fails and you still can’t locate the person you believe blocked you, search for a mutual friend on Twitter, which is someone who follows or is followed by the account you’re searching for. Scroll through the names on the chart. Even private accounts can appear in this list, which may take some time.

  4. Look at the person’s profile or description by clicking on their name. If the person’s profile has a “Follow” button and you have never unfollowed him, you know he has blocked you at some point. Simply click the “Follow” button if you believe you are still being blocked. If you are blocked, Twitter will notify you right away and you will be unable to follow the user.

  5. Consider sending a @mention tweet to the individual if you want to. You may use this opportunity to apologize or request that your account be unblocked. However, the consumer is unlikely to notice it. Blocked accounts’ tweets do not appear in the feed or in the Mentions tab. The only way the person can see the tweet is if he visits your profile page or searches for his or your username.