How to make mojos?

Wonder how to make that delicious Shakey’s like Mojos at home? Or you can experiment by adding more ingredients.
Here is the recipe:

All-purpose flour
Garlic salt
Ground Celery leaves
Ground Rosemary leaves

Mix the flour, garlic salt, and salt to create a seasoned flour.
Cut the unpeeled potatoes into ½-inch thick rounds.
Dip the potato slices into the beaten egg mixture and then carefully toss the potato slice in the seasoned flour mixture, coat both sides.
Once the oil is hot, deep fry the breaded potatoes until golden brown.
This should take about 5 to 7 minutes in medium heat.
After which, it is your option to add ground rosemary leaves or celery leaves.
Drain the fried mojos on a rimmed baking sheet. This will keep them crispier than draining on paper towels.
Serve in a bowl of your favorite dressing, dipping sauce, ketchup or with hot sauce!

I tried to make mojos but the slices are thin that made the potatoes look like chips or junk food.

You should cut the potatoes thicker for you to enjoy mojo.

I haven’t read the instructions well. Thank you for the information. I am making one tomorrow