How To Prevent Shadow Ban In Tiktok?

You most likely don’t want to be Shadow Banned in the future. If you follow our instructions, you should be fine.

  1. Do not post content that’s protected by copyright! it’s a copyright problem if you share other people’s videos or videos you discover online. This could result in TikTok removing your video and flagging your account. So just share content that you created and/or edited yourself.

  2. There is no nudity! Since the app has a large number of young users, TikTok is very strict about not displaying any nudity. Since TikTok has been accused of spoiling children in the press, they want to do their part to protect minors. As a result, do not post any nudes or adult material.

  3. Stay within the law! TikTok removes unauthorized content from videos and/or users. As a result, do not post videos about narcotics, firearms, knives, crime, or other illegal material.

  4. Excellent lighting! Since TikTok’s algorithm analyzes all images, it’s crucial that they’re bright enough. This is due to the fact that they employ the algorithm to determine if the video contains any prohibited objects or nudity. The algorithm will not work if the video is too dark, and it will flag the video just in case.

  5. Only use legal music! If the video’s audio is being checked or it says ‘Trying to gain copyright,’ the video would almost definitely be shadow barred. This is because TikTok does not want to risk copyright issues by using audio.

  6. Each device has its own account! There are rumors that you will be banned if you have more than one account per user. We’re not sure about this one, but at the very least you’ve been forewarned.

There have also been rumors that TikTok may implement a shadow ban on videos that do not include human faces, voices, or natural body movements. Many videos without these still end up on the For You page, but this is something you should think about when creating new material. So, in order for the algorithm to promote your video, keep things human!