How to repair damaged hair

Essential aspects in damaged hair care
The causes can be many. During this period, is also to blame this past cold weather and warm hats that you wear, but maybe the styling too often took part. What is, exactly, damaged hair? The hair is protected from the outside by a transparent layer of cells, similar to some scales. This layer, called the cuticle, is rough, cracked, becomes dull and breaks under the action of various harmful factors.

Why hair becomes damaged
If you bleach your hair very often. Permanent hair dyes and bleaching products contain oxidant. This substance can damage the hair if used in excessively.

Use of hair dryer, hair plate or curling. These devices dry, thinning and even hair can burn.

The diet you follow is not healthy, not drinking enough liquidity or long stay in places where air pollution is high. All this may be responsible for damage to the hair.

Excessive use of styling products, some wrong for your hair type. Hair mousse, hair spray, gel, conditioner or shampoo can damage your hair if not carefully used and chosen. Here are the most common causes of damaged hair and split ends:

  • Excess use of hair styling brush and plate. Hair thins and breaks down very easily if attacked by styling appliances at high temperatures. Insisting in one place with brush or hot plate will not only make thin hair structure but also damage him. Using a hot plate on wet hair can mean “death” hair.
  • Repeated dyeing, discoloration and other harsh procedure. The abused hair because many salon processes will not look very nice. Hair discoloration, followed by subsequent application of dyes and permanent use is a major molotov cocktail for hair. It is best to opt for one option or at most two, but only after you have consulted a specialist.
  • Do not mow your hair regularly. You must know that hair grows on average about 1 cm per month. To get a perfect haircut and a hairstyle always beautiful, it is good to haircut every four months. But you do not mow four inches (hair that you grew in this period), but only one. Hair cut very rarely degrades easily and seems uneven, and spoil the entire look.
  • Changes of the season. With temperature changes, the hair tends to fall more. Especially in autumn, when the sun no longer stimulates hair growth, one can observe a multiplication of the number of fallen hairs. Also strong sun rays in the summer and dry wind put a serious mark on the structure of the hair, which loses its shine and vitality.

What can we do
Enumerating these harmful factors, we already have a list of things to avoid. The problem is that we often neglect or forget to protect our hair as it should and we realize the mistake when it is too late. If you notice that your hair has lost its shine and became tarnished, began to break easily and become very thin, it means that began to deteriorate.

To avoid this, you must to:

  • Adopt a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables, dairy and don’t forget to drink plenty of liquidity (tea, water, natural juices).
  • To prevent dry hair even further, you have to give him more attention. For this, try to let your hair dry one (not to use dryer) and try it without the hair plate or wavy.
  • Dye your hair at least 2-3 months and avoid permanent make up before you dye. Once you go to buy products for your hair styling, read the recommendations carefully and see if the product fits your hair type. Use natural regeneration and shine masks. Such masks you can buy or you can prepare at home (ingredients that give the best results are: aloe vera, egg yolks, olive oil, jojoba oil or castor at).
  • Damaged hair needs special care and protection. In this Babaria developed damaged hair repair mask with Jojoba, Ginseng and sunscreen. Jojoba oil nourishes and regenerates the hair; it becomes healthy and silky-looking. Ginseng prevents hair loss and stimulates its growth by revitalizing the scalp. With this mask you can get salon hair pampering in your home.