I have the username and password for my Facebook account. When I enter it asks me to confirm my identity using the email, but I no longer have access to it. Is there any way to get access to my account?

You’ve got two issues here: The first problem is confirming your identity, and the second is that you don’t have access to the email address you used to establish your account.

1st issue:

When Facebook requests proof of identity, you must have identification documentation such as a driver’s license or birth certificate. Facebook will review them and trigger your account after you upload them. If you don’t, your Facebook account will be deactivated rather than deleted entirely. And if it’s deactivated, you can always receive emails and alerts from your friends’ activities.

There is no other way to unlock your Facebook account without these ID papers.

Issue 2:

You can get Facebook to change your email by going to the help center and search for the relevant help section. They might show you pictures of people on your friendlists and ask you to identify them. Not very useful if you got 1000+ friends.

If you answer the questions correctly then will guide you back to your profile where you can change your email from the settings.