I stopped eating regularly a few months ago and this month, I now usually only eat one meal every 24 to 40 hours. I don’t feel anything, but is it going to damage me in some way?

It is a matter of many factors.
Do you exercise or do you exercise? If so, your dietary intake should be increased. If not, no single person or machine can give less input to more output. (Actually)…

Do you have headaches frequently? The signs of life are shown to your body. You will feel lazy or breathless when there’s a nutrition deficiency or insufficient.

If you have a normal routine and you only have the amount of food, then that’s all right.

Have your BMI checked from a good fitness center near you. You will produce a report that tells you what you do not have and what you do not have. It will be cheaper and it would be preferable to invest once.

It is suggested that you and your physician be examined on the same page every three months.
You should feel happy in your own body, last but not least. If not, more effort will have to be made.