Is it acceptable to move the hand position while practicing scales on a guitar?

When I play the guitar (or the keyboard or any other instrument), I tend to think of three things:
Is it going to injure?
Sounds good? Sounds good?
Does it work?

Something could work and sound good in the short term. But you must stop doing this, if it can lead to excessive use or sudden injury.

I wouldn’t do that either, if it did not sound good (poor tone, excessive fret buzz).

I guess some people do ineffectively while playing guitar or other instruments, but why do you do this?

In addition, it will help you get familiar with the sticker by moving between different positions on your neck. It also gives you free time to play more games. Interesting lines and phrases can be played on the guitar in a single position.

However, it could sound impolite and restricted if you ever do that.

In addition, moving around the cargo in a controlled way is just plain fun. Or in free and loose ways sometimes as well. This can bring new sounds, new melodies and new insights. If the loose jamming sometimes sounds slow, that’s not bad. A little sloppiness is not so bad if you’re working on creativity at that moment. Please take care not to become sloppy and clean about technical exercises and public performance components.