Is it better to write on paper or computer?

As many are already used in writing on computer because of technology nowadays, it is said to still practice writing on paper for better brain activity. Usually those people who can’t help to write on paper are fond of aesthetics. Experts say, just like the study about business professionals still relying on paper; both options should be utilized. Some people do creative and rough work with pen and paper and share-able work with a computer and keyboard. You can rewrite what you have written in a computer later on.

Oh geez… Who still bothers to write using a paper or notebook nowadays

I understand especially when you are working at a company where pen and paper are prohibited to use. They just allow to use computer instead. That still depends on a person and they can do it at home. Maybe it doesn’t matter about having more focus regardless if you write on the computer or at the paper. Maybe they are more on the aesthetic side where they want to look at what they have written before transferring it to a notepad, sheets or on their computer.