Is it okay to frequently change the hours of your “eating window” while doing intermittent fasting?

“Adjusting the eating window” will help reset your leptin to avoid a plateau for weight loss (a standstill). Extend the “Eat window” times or contract them.

It means you’re off ketosis for a longer time to eat too close to bedtime or too soon after waking.

It is usually best to quickly eat between 1pm and 16pm before your first meal. It is more about blood sugar adjustment by mixing carbohydrates and proteins.

Note that it is important to watch your protein intake also for half the effect on blood sugar of carbohydrates. That is why you get fat fasting out of the plateau, because fat doesn’t affect your blood sugar much if it doesn’t.

Since I was 9 years old I have been eating and practicing. (I’m 34, and then I felt like an adult, but now I’m always a child!) For fat decrease and muscle toning, fat fasting and cycling can certainly help break any plateau of weight loss (cheat meal every 7-10% days).

Every known quicking hack is used by the bulletproof diet created by Silicon Valley tech investee Dave Asprey. Having quicken and weight loss, he break up science.
The levels of hormones also significantly affect weight loss.