Is it possible to restore a Facebook account that is ineligible to use on Facebook, or permanently disable your account, and is the decision final?

Hello, everybody! To be honest, I’ve never seen such a problem before, but based on my experience and knowledge of technology, I can tell you about these options; you can pick whichever one is most useful to you.

  1. To send a message to support, you must use a different account. If you scroll down the page until you see four lines, it’s either in community support or in customer service. Go in there and tell them what happened, and if you’re lucky, they should be able to assist you.
  2. Second, there is one particular tech guru you can contact via their gmail rollygarbin address. They specialize in social media recovery such as Facebook, tik tok, Instagram, bank account recovery, hacking spouses, and Twitter, among other things.
    Finally, be wary of third parties.
  3. I am confident that once you contact him, your account will be successfully recovered.