Panglao Bohol

There are a lot of resorts in Panglao Bohol and one of the best is the Alona Resort. It is the most lively, it doesn’t look more lively than Boracay at night but there are decent restaurants in the area where you can eat, drink alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, choose different barbeque for them to grill outside for that sumptuous dinner. They have cozy and elegant hotels, with balcony in each room where you can eat, drink, stay and relax. You can also have an island hopping tour (make sure you wake up early in the morning or you can ask the reception for a wake up call). You can watch dolphins and turtles at Pamilacan Island and you are lucky enough when you can experience a close encounter with them. Also, the sand is white and very fine that you can even feel it on your toes just by going out at the hotel’s doorsteps. Yes, they have that grade A sand that can be compared to Boracay and Palawan.