Prime Minister Abe

In a statement on Friday night, President Marcos said he is extending his sympathies to the Japanese people to the passing of their former prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated at a campaign rally in Nara, Japan.
“On behalf of the Philippine Government and the Filipino people, among whom he counts many friends and admirers, I offer my most profound sympathies to his family and the entire Japanese nation,” the chief executive said.
Marcos described the former leader as “visionary” who saw Japan through its most difficult times.
“He was a devoted friend and a supporter of the Philippines, and it was during his leadership that the Philippine-Japan relations truly flourished,” he said.
Marcos said “the decisive and effective assistance he extended to the Philippines and the warmth he demonstrated in the numerous visits he made to our country will never be forgotten.”
He added that it will be written as one of the most exceptional periods in our bilateral history.
“I earnestly hope and pray for strength for the Japanese nation during this time of mourning,” he added

This is a sad news for them. I was shocked while reading.

I was also shocked. He was a good leader.