Puka Beach Aklan

Puka Beach is located at Boracay Aklan Philippines. It is 20 minutes from the center and one can reach it by a tricycle or motor boat. This beach is included in most island hopping tour. Puka beach is 800 meters long with a forest alongside it. At night, you can see big bats flying across the top of the cliff. They have white fine sand and you can also find puka shells that is why it is called ‘Puka Beach’.
At the far left of the beach you’ll find an area which has kept most of its untouched beauty. The beach is more private where you can enjoy lush of nature. There are establishments where you can eat and shop souvenirs. Make sure to visit every part of Puka to find some peace and experience quiet surroundings. Its spaciousness also makes it the best spot for a picnic, and make sure to clean up afterwards.
There are few restaurants on the beach, most of which are located closer to the entrance. They also serve beers and cocktails too where you can enjoy while sightseeing.

I went to this place but there are a lot of shells in the sand and I don’t want to take off my slippers. Are there any beach in the Area or near Boracay aside from the main beach? I think you should write more about it.

Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I will write more about it later on.