Reflexology advantages

I will be discussing short details about the advantages of reflexology because feet is connected to nerves in our body. Reflexologists are experts in which part of feet to massage where the organs in our body is connected. You can also search the updated diagram on the internet as to where the organ is connected so you can release the tension and toxins on your body while releasing the pain on those tired feet.
The benefits are:
It gives relaxation.
Improvement of your nerve functions.
Improvement In your brain power and focus.
Increased blood circulation in your body.
Eliminating your body’s toxins.
Boosting your metabolism and energy Level.
It reduces your headaches or head pain.
Relieving discomfort from menstruation and pregnancy.

I got curious. Is it the same in the palm?

Organs are more connected to feet though there are also nerves from organs that connects to our palm