Sweet and sour fish fillet

Cut fish into pieces. Make sure that it is properly washed, dry then rub salt, pepper, turmeric, add cornstarch and flour.
Deep fry the fish into skillet. When it is already golden brown, remove then add oil to a separate pan. You can also use the same pot just remove excess oil.
Put garlic, onions, then add tomato sauce, red wine vinegar, water, cornstarch, chili sauce, sugar, salt and pepper is optional it depends on how salty or spicy you want for the recipe.
When it is already paste like sauce, add bell pepper, pineapple chunks, simmer for 5 minutes then put the fried fish fillet.
Stir until the sauce is evenly mixed. (You can add onion leeks or celery) when you want to taste a unique freshness of the dish.