Templer Park Kuala Lumpur

Templer Park is located approximately 25 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur in Rawang, Selangor. Templer Park, named after a former British High Commissioner in British Malaya, provides easy hiking trails passing clear streams and clear waterfalls. Most routes take between one and two hours to complete. Tourists might see eagles, lizards and several species of birds as well as hundreds of monkeys. This is also a one of a kind forest like tourist destination where you can find peace while trekking and swimming. Templer Park sits a few kilometres north of Batu caves that combine both on a day trip. According to the map, the waterfall is about 2km away.
From the car park, the path passes a newly constructed area with gazebos, barbeque pits, and camping site.

I’ve been looking for more write ups about forests. Thank you and hoping to read more.

You are welcome. I will write more.