Tuburan Cove Aklan

Tuburan cove is located in Buruanga Aklan, in the Municipality of Panay Philippines.
The resort sits on a beautiful, private and secluded 200 meter white sand beach.
Feel the warmth of a home like a private subdivision with it’s natural and exclusive offers.
Enjoy the great outdoors and activities offered by the beach. It is surrounded by swaying palm trees, and indulge in the relaxing atmosphere that we can offer.
You can have your comfortable stay at the open sea in their resort, with the sparkling blue waters stretching into the beautiful shoreline. Forget the busy life at the city and relax on the pristine waters of the resort.
Enjoy the activities of snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and even trekking.
It is located in the western tip of Panay Island, the resort welcomes travelers that offers an isolated cove beach bordered by untouched tropical jungle. This beach resort makes a difference from the famous white beach in Boracay as it offers the relaxation a busy person can experience.