What are the benefits of Alada soap?

  • Effectively removes acne, freckles and pimples
  • Nourishes & moisturises your skin
  • Clearer and finer skin complexion
  • Whitens your skin and removes dark spots
  • Lightens scars
  • Keeps skin smooth and young looking

Made of 100% natural ingredients:
✓Carambola Nano Extract
✓White Ginger Extract
✓Synthetic Collagen IV
✓Algae Extract

Suggested use:

  1. could also be used both for the body and therefore the face.

  2. Use daily during bath time. Leave it on your body for 2-5minutes.

  3. Apply on face and rinse after lathering. you’ll wash your face with Alada soap 3x each day .

  4. Lightening of the skin is noticeable within few days to at least one week after first use. (Note: Results may vary)

  5. Continue using Alada soap as your bath-buddy for a minimum of 2 months to ascertain most visible result.