What are the best beaches in the black sea coast?

Smokinya Beach, Bulgaria. Smokinya Beach, Bulgaria | © Boby Dimitrov / WikiCommons.
Vityazevo Beach, Russia. Vityazevo Beach, Russia | © Leonrid / WikiCommons.
Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia. Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia | © Archil Kikvadze / WikiCommons.
Mamaia, Romania.
Langeron Beach, Ukraine.

Bityazevo Russia. Interesting. Can you post something about it? It is not common about shores in Russia.

Yes it is not. This is a long sandy beach, which stretches from Pionersky Avenue to the village of Blagoveshchenskaya. Seascapes organically complement the sand dunes. The beach boasts an ideal beach for families, as the water is crystal clear and the water is shallow and begins to increase only after a hundred meters.
The whole beach is a soft beach with fine golden sand. The beach is cleaned daily and monitored, attractions and other facilities are in good conditions. At high tide, seashells and small pebbles can be thrown ashore, but this does not prevent vacationers from swimming and sunbathing. For more information, click here