What are the I, IV, and V7 chords?

These are the roman numerals used to identify the three chords that we constantly hear in the music.
I’m at home. I want to go somewhere – I always wanted to do something: get an IV.
And my family in Ireland I’d like to visit.
And I and IV want to visit V to complete it all.

The main chord is V – some people play it as a Major V, but the dominant 7 increases the tension and helps me to return.
V or V7 sounded attractive to me all the time.
I So D is IV take any A key. Take any A key.
E7 is V7 V7
Or is it C’s key?
C’est one F’s 4.
G’s seven.

By flattening the 7th tone of the chord — the key for G is an F-sharp so play a G and add a natural F for G 7.

The key for E is marked with spikes in F, C, G and D.

D is the 7th tone on the key to E, so get away from the sharp and play D natural on the chord to E 7.

It is a simple question on the one hand, and we guitar players often just learn form and pattern, but don’t think about it all as music theory can become complex quickly – although I don’t think it does need to be.

Only 12 notes are available and seven are natural.

On these natural notes, the other five are sharp or flat.

Another way of responding to this is to say I IV V are rock n roll power chords