Dragonary account rarity classification

Clarification from dev on the account rarity questions
:point_right: Last updated 8/17 after most recent discussion with dev.

Up top, they’ve acknowledged that the whitepaper does need to be updated again. Note that the information below is from a part of the team and could be revised for better clarity when the team connects on the finer points before publishing.

Account rarity classification examples from dev:

  • If you have 3 commons and 2 rares, your account would be Common because you do not have 3+ rares and because you have more dragons of the lesser rarity.
  • A scenario such as 1 common, 1 uncommon, and 2 rares is not possible since you cannot disenchant down to less than 5 dragons.
  • 2 common, 2 uncommon, and 2 rares would be common, because you do not meet condition of having 3 or more of the higher rarities.
  • If you have 5 uncommon and 4 rare, your account would be uncommon.
  • If you have 9 uncommon and 2 epic, your account would be rare because 2 epic=10 rare. This method of calculation is used only for higher rarity dragons created by fusion.
  • If you have 14 rares and 4 epic, your account would be rare. Until you have enough Epics to match or exceed number of rares. In a case where you still have 14 rares, account would become Epic if, for example, you acquired 10 more epics OR 5 more epics and 1 legendary.
  • 500 common, 5 epic, and 1 legendary = epic.
  • If you have 14 rares and 5 epic, your account would be epic, because you have at least 5 of epic or higher rarity. More info below on having Epic or higher status as long as you maintain 5+ epics.

Two important things to note here based on my Q&A with dev:
1- For higher rarities that cannot be created by breeding, 1 can count as 5 of the next lowest rarity because 5 of that rarity is combined in fusion to produce it. Therefore this applies only for Epic dragons and above.
2- Why the mention of “at least 5” of Epic or higher rarity in the examples? There’s a rule that if you have at least 5 dragons of Epic rarity or higher, your account can maintain that rarity even if less rarities outnumber your epics. See below.

Additional clarification regarding the 5x dragon rarity ‘lock’ for account rarity:
When you have five or more dragons of Epic rarity or higher, your account rarity will be maintained as long as you keep 5 of that rarity, regardless of the number of less rare dragons you have. If you drop below 5 dragons of that rarity, however, the following would still apply:
1- You will need at least 3 dragons of a given rarity for your account to be eligible for that rarity designation.
2- For Rare, you must have at least as many rares as you have of uncommons and at least as many rares as you have of commons. Highest rarity wins in a tie as long as you have at least 3.
3- For Epic and higher dragons, which are created by fusion, these may each count as 5 dragons of the next rarity down. So, for Epic, this makes it easier to maintain Rare account status until your number of Epics (or higher) is enough to elevate your account to Epic status. Ex.: 3 commons, 5 uncommons, and 1 Epic (equivalent to 5 rares) would be a Rare account.

This will be written up in better format for sharing with players and presenting more clearly in the whitepaper.