Dust currency! Cryptoblades announcement 8/8/2021


Levitate - Hunk Wizard Today at 12:52 AM

Introducing the new Dust currency!

For a while now dust has been teased alongside many other announcements and it’s finally coming!

  • Dust is a brand new currency to CryptoBlades.

  • It has a variety of uses mainly in the form of reforging and upgrading your current weapons and equipment.

  • To gain dust you will have to break down your old unused weapons.

  • 1 to 3 star weapons are going to gain you “Lesser” Dust.

  • 4 stars “Greater” Dust.

  • Last but not least. 5 stars is going to create “Powerful” Dust.

  • You are able to keep track of all the dust you have obtained in a nice new UI inside the blacksmith.

  • You will have the option to reforge your weapons using Dust or Weapons.

  • Select all the dust to max out your favorite weapon in a single reforge, pick and choose exactly how much power you’d like to gain or upgrade 1LB at a time. The choice is yours!

So what’s it gonna be. Upgrade your favorite weapon now? Buy that fancy new 5 star you’ve had your eye on all week? Or just have that long awaited spring clean of your blacksmith.