How do I get the AXIE Infinity Blockchain game?

To get started with AXS, simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Create an online account-In order to invest in AXS, you’ll need an account on an exchange that accepts this token. Axie tokens can be purchased with stablecoins tied to the US dollar or other altcoins. Using Bitcoin as a benchmark for altcoin investments can be advantageous because it compares your cryptocurrency’s performance to that of Bitcoin.

  2. Purchase a wallet (optional)-If you intend to actively trade your cryptocurrency, you’ll need a secure place to keep and access your funds. Wallets allow you to keep control of your cryptocurrencies, whereas centralized exchanges leave your assets in the hands of hackers. Many exchanges have been hacked in the past, as centralized crypto exchanges are popular targets for cybercriminals.

  3. Make your purchase—On the platform, you can buy Axie Infinity tokens using a market or limit order. Market orders invest in the token you want to buy at the current market price, and they’re usually filled in a matter of seconds. You can also use a limit order to purchase your tokens at a specific price. The buy order will never be honored if the token does not fall to the price on your limit order.