Nintendo owns two of the most popular gaming franchises ever. The net worth of these 2 franchises equals the combined total of the remaining eight franchises in the top 10. What are they?

Nintendo’s stock has risen to its highest point in over a decade. Since its launch in March 2016, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 14.86 million copies. Original franchises such as Super Mario, Xenoblade, and Splatoon have contributed to its success.

  1. Mario has appeared in more than 200 video games. The most popular Mario games are the core series. With the debut of a new Mario film, Nintendo’s star power will only grow. In September, Super Mario Bros: Odyssey will be launched.

  2. Pokémon is Nintendo’s most popular franchise, with video games, movies, an anime series, a card game, and other merchandise. The live-action Detective Pikachu film currently filming in London could bring the franchise even more popular appeal.

  3. Mario Kart Wii is already one of Nintendo’s Switch’s best-selling games. Nintendo has just released Mario Kart Tour, a new mobile game in the Mario Kart franchise. The series’ best-selling game has sold more than 124 million copies worldwide.

  4. The fourth-best-selling Nintendo franchise is also the most critically acclaimed. Despite being one of Nintendo’s oldest games, Breath Of The Wild shows that it still offers plenty of new ideas. It was a Wii U port, but it could be coming to the Switch as well.

  5. Donkey Kong was given his name as a result of a mistranslation. Donkey Konga for the Nintendo Gamecube was the first game to be played solely with a set of bongo drums. According to current sales, there’s still a lot of love for the ape.

  6. Pokémon spin-off games have sold over m copies all over the world. Pokémon Stadium is the best-selling game, with 5.46 million units sold in the past year. Pokémon Go is the most downloaded game of all time, with 720 million downloads to date.

  7. Mario and Sonic are two of the most popular video game characters. Since 2010, the Olympic Games have become a mainstay of every Olympics. A Mario and Sonic game has not been developed for the PyeongChang 2018 events. At the Tokyo Winter Olympics, Nintendo plans to produce a Mario and Sonic game.

  8. Nintendo’s latest Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch console has been released. It’s the latest in a long line of games with over a million copies sold. The game will be released this week.

  9. Nintendo’s foray into the fighting game genre appears to be promising. With characters from all over Nintendo’s history, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a true celebration of the company’s history. The Mario Party series appears to be tailor-made for massive sales in the future.

  10. Kirby is a pink blob who lives in Dreamland and travels through space on floating stars. In Japan, he is extremely well-liked, and he has a devoted international following.

  11. Brain Age is a series that hasn’t held up well over time. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, the first installment in the series, was a big hit by any measure. But, for the time being, this franchise may require a break, with a rebirth possible in the future.

  12. Nintendo’s Animal Crossing is a cult classic. The 3DS version has sold nearly as many copies as the DS version. Animal Crossing: Wild World is the best-selling game, with 11.75 million copies sold in the last two years.

  13. When Nintendo released its DS console, the company’s Nintendogs were a big hit. Nintendog + Cats, the sequel, did not have the same impact. Paris Hilton recently tweeted about the show. It’s possible that a mobile version is in the works.

  14. In 2018, Yoshi, a Super Mario spin-off game, will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The latest Yoshi game has a cardboard feel to it, as though everything was made by hand. It may also be the ideal approach for Nintendo to introduce their new ‘Labo’ construction toys.

  15. Metroid Prime is one of the few Nintendo franchises that has a larger following in the United States than it does in Japan. The game has long struggled to find the appropriate method to sell itself, and hardcore gamers sometimes dismiss it as too infantile. If it can find a way to make money from its supporters, it could be onto a winner.

  16. The main characters in Star Fox are anthropomorphic animals, giving the series a childlike quality. Star Fox Zero, the most current installment in the series, received mediocre reviews and dismal sales, so it appears unlikely that Nintendo will revive the title.

  17. In recent years, the Fire Emblem series has gotten better and better. Fire Emblem Fates is the best-selling game, with 1.84 million copies sold. On both Android and iOS, the mobile game Fire Emblem Warriors has become a cult favorite.

  18. The Tomodachi series by Nintendo is based entirely on the Mii characters that came with the Wii. The series still has a lot of room to expand, but it’s off to a great start. Tomodachi Life is the best-selling game so far, with 6.14 million copies sold.

  19. Splatoon 2, Nintendo’s newest franchise, is one of the best-selling first-party Switch games. With 9.82 million copies sold, it is the best-selling game of all time. For the first time, the game is available for download on the Nintendo system.

  20. Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s best-kept secrets. Players collect anthropomorphic plants and use them to traverse an exotic planet in this live-action strategy series. Nintendo appears to be committed to continuing to invest in the franchise for many years to come.

  21. Arms, Nintendo’s latest game, came out barely six weeks after Mario Kart 8 and a month before Splatoon 2. The game received positive reviews upon its initial release and has a devoted following. This franchise might bring Nintendo a lot of money in the future. The game’s Wii U version is still in the works.