Pwede bang mag drive kapag student permit lang ang dala?

may 1 year validity yung SP. pwede na bang magdrive?

RA 4136
SECTION 30. Student-Driver’s Permit. – Upon proper application and the payment of the fee prescribed in accordance with law, the Director or his deputies may issue student-driver’s permits, valid for one year to persons not under sixteen years of age, who desire to learn to operate motor vehicles.

A student-driver who fails in the examination on a professional or non-professional license shall continue as a student-driver and shall not be allowed to take another examination at least one month thereafter. No student-driver shall operate a motor vehicle, unless possessed of a valid student-driver’s permit and accompanied by a duly licensed driver.

LTO Administrative Order No.AVT-2015-030
Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Issuance of Student Driver’s Permit

Definition of terms.

Student Driver’s Permit (SP) - is an authority embodied in a form
prescribed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to a person who
desires to learn to operate a motor vehicle when accompanied by a duly
licensed driver, whether a Non-Professional or Professional, possessing
the appropriate restriction code/s for the type of motor vehicle driven.