What is Guild of Guardians?

The traditional paradigm of forming a band of heroes, completing dungeon tasks, and earning resources is played out in Guild of Guardians, a fantasy-themed role-playing game. Collecting resources allows you to make in-game products that you can sell for a profit, just like in other games. The Guild of Guardians, on the other hand, focuses significantly on community development – or guilds, in this case. Guardians band together to take on in-game challenges, and in exchange, they earn Gems, the game’s native money.

Furthermore, the makers of the game want it to be a play-to-earn game — but not at the expense of other players. In Guild of Guardians, there is no PVP gaming; instead, players battle against monsters in dungeons, so there is no need to pay money to beat other players.

The game is currently being worked on. The founder NFTs are already on sale, with a soft launch in Q2 2022. It’ll be one to watch, with a host of large supporters on board.