What is play to earn in Gods Unchained?

Earn Play (P2E) means that you can only earn money through play. In Gods Unchained, this may be shown via the ability to sell real-world cash in the game. The route to earning is like this:

  1. You unlock digital card packs by playing games. These are common core cards and are not shown on the network of Ethereum.

  2. By winning ranked games, you earn flux. Flux is a crafting tool that lets you improve the value of common core cards. (See “What is the Gods’ Gauntlet?” for more).

  3. After sufficient flux is available, in the launcher, you can head to the Forge and fuse duplicate cards in order to create higher quality cards together. These have been developed on the Ethereum network and are now of genuine value.

  4. The last step is to trade in real world cash for these cards on the market. You can buy more cards there, or convert them to your own currency using your current earnings, and spend as much as you want.

  5. Repetition

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