Which is the hottest NFT game right now?

Gaming projects are tokenizing their game assets, making them tradeable as crypto-collectibles and useful in-game. Find a list of the most popular NFT games where you may (possibly) earn cryptocurrency while having fun. The NFT market continues to grow, and the online gaming industry is a thankful beneficiary.

  1. Axie Infinity-Users collect, breed, and trade fantastical creatures known as Axies in Axie Infinity, a decentralized strategy game. The game attracts up to 5,000 new players per week, with weekly revenue approaching $1.8 million. You can breed your axies and increase your NFT base by using Small Love Potions (SLP). SLP can be obtained through decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or gained as a prize for winning wars.

  2. Sorare-Sorare allows you to play fantasy football with your five-player team’s digital cards and earn incentives based on their real-life performances. Common and Tokenized trade cards are the two types of trading cards that can be used to compete in different leagues. The game is aimed at football aficionados who want to manage a squad while collecting tokenized football cards.

  3. F1 Delta Time-F1 Delta Time is a Formula One game in which players compete in racing events with the help of digital goods. Cars, souvenirs, race circuits, drivers, and tires are among the collections. There are four levels of rarity: common, epic, legendary, and apex, which can all be acquired with REVV, the native utility currency.

  4. CryptoKitties-These cats come in more than 50K generations, each with its own set of characteristics (called cattributes) based on the coding sequence. The site continues to record up to $30K in daily transactions and over 800 new users per week.

  5. Evolution Land-Evolution Land is a multi-chain virtual business game in which you can purchase and sell land, manage your space, grow crops, and construct structures. There are 26 continents in total, each with its own blockchain, and users connect through Apostle avatars. Each apostle has its own set of genes and talents, which determine its powers in areas like mining, healing, research, and combat.