LTO extends vehicle registration validity to 3 years for motorcycles with engine displacement of 200cc and below

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently issued a new Memorandum Circular, No. JMT-2023-2395, that allows motorcycles with an engine displacement of 200cc and below to have a three-year validity for their vehicle registration. This is a significant development as previously, only four-wheeled vehicles were eligible for this extended registration period.

LTO Extends Vehicle Registration Validity to Three Years

The LTO’s decision to extend the validity of motorcycle registration is a welcome change for motorcycle owners. The new policy means that motorcyclists can now enjoy the convenience of an extended registration period, just like car owners. With the extended validity period, motorcycle owners can avoid the hassle of renewing their registration annually and focus on enjoying their vehicles instead.

This move by the LTO is a positive development as it not only benefits motorcycle owners but also improves the efficiency of the registration process. By reducing the number of registrations that need to be renewed every year, the LTO can better manage the volume of transactions and reduce congestion at registration renewal offices.

However, it is important to note that this new policy only applies to motorcycles with engine displacements of 200cc and below. Motorcycles with larger engine capacities will still be required to renew their registrations annually. It is also important to remember that vehicle registration renewal is still mandatory to avoid penalties and fines.

Motorcycle enthusiasts have welcomed the LTO’s new policy, saying that it is a much-needed change that will help ease the burden of registration renewal for motorcycle owners. It is hoped that the LTO will continue to implement policies that benefit all road users, promote road safety, and improve the overall efficiency of the agency’s services.